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Gaiome: Notes on Ecology, Space Travel and Becoming Cosmic Species

Astrophysics meets permaculture in a book about the design and
construction of gaiomes: artificial worlds in space that would
sustain themselves through natural ecology. Discover how living
beyond Earth challenges not just technology, but our very identity
as a species.

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Plant spirit medicine: Experts weigh in on the health benefits of mind-altering plants

Plants don’t do much compared to animals. They’re sedentary sorts, even with time-lapse photography. We’re talking about vegetative, botanical bores. Right? Wrong, according to Dennis McKenna, who argues against the standard take on plants. The droll ethnopharmacologist is struggling with an uncooperative Powerbook as he launches into a presentation at UBC on the co-evolution of humans and plants. The genetic destinies of these two kingdoms have been tied together for tens of thousands of years, he argues. He notes that plants are “virtuoso chemists that use messenger molecules as territorial signals, speaking to fungi, insects, and herbivores. They eat light and spin out all this chemistry: the secondary compounds… that we humans value as medicines as flavourings, as dyes as perfumes, as cosmetics and all the kind of things that make our life richer and sensorily more interesting.”


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Star Wars Millenium Falcon ‘spotted’ at bottom of Baltic Sea

These remarkable sonar images from the sea bed at a depth of 100 meters show te mysterious object that bears a remarkable likeness to the Star wars spaceship.

Swiss treasure hunters from the Ocean Explorer undersea diving team are now looking for funding to uncover the mysterious object.

Peter Lindberg who is leading the expedition to discover what the object is and recover it said: “We had been looking for sunken treasure of the Sea of Bothnia in the northern Baltic Sea. We had been looking for Champagne, Wine and Cognac laying in the holds of small Swedish merchant ships sunk by the Germans during the first world war.


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